Like A Motorcycle Releases New Single “122 Hours Of Fear”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Like A Motorcycle*

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Credit: KT Lamond/Renee Williams 

We reimagined “122 Hours of Fear,” a song outlining the hijacking of Lufthansa Flight 181 in 1977 from the point of view of a hostage. It’s by ‘70s L.A. punk band The Screamers and there’s something about the line “am I disturbing you?!” that managed to really burrow its way inside of our collective minds.  

Listen to “122 Hours of Fear” using your preferred platform now!  
We experimented with electronic sounds to dramatically alter the atmosphere. To lend itself to the mounting tension, we split our cover into a bit of a diptych – taking the first half and drastically dropping the BPM until it crescendos to the intensity and speed of the original track. 

Like A Motorcycle 

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