Music Bugle Exclusive – Q & A – Pink Honey Moan

Photo courtesy of Irresistible Force Publicity.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez

Pink Honey Moan – the moniker of singer-songwriter, recording and performing artist Jared Lindbloom (Fishdoctor, Stargazy) – has gotten to where he is today based off the strength of his tunes, whether it be his home state of South Dakota, New York City, or anyplace in-between where people have an ear to listen and a heart to spare.

Somewhere in the realm of dusty folk and electro-surf-rock/pop, he practically wears his influences on his sleeve, some of which include the likes of Bill Withers, Brandi Carlile and Paul Simon. His music has received international radio play, with 1 million-plus streams amassed and has also been featured in films and television.

With some new music quickly on its way, The Music Bugle had the opportunity to chat with him about what to expect and more.

Music Bugle – Can you tell us a little about what you’ve been working on?

Pink Honey Moan – Next up for me is the release of my new song, “Running Up The Hillside,” which will be officially out in the world on October 22nd.  I wanted to do more than just the regular ‘ol “post/spam all my socials and network… listen to me, me, me and my new song,” so in an effort to make this release as meaningful as possible, I tied it into a theme I’m calling “My Music Marathon Song Release,” which is three-fold – Firstly, the release of “Running Up The Hillside” on October 22nd. Secondly, partnering with an amazing nonprofit called “Hungry For Music.” They get musical instruments into the hands of underserved kids. Lastly, running the equivalent of a marathon over the five-day lead-up to the song release – 5.24 miles each day equals 26.2 miles, which ties into the theme that “my music journey is a marathon, not a sprint.”

Music Bugle – What’s your favorite era of music?

Pink Honey Moan – Hmmm…I’d say the late 60’s/early 70’s era of music has a really special sonic timestamp. All the production breakthroughs The Beatles and George Martin were making, the collaborative spirit of the Laurel Canyon music scene and all the social unrest and commentary made for some incredible stuff.

Music Bugle – What are you more passionate about – the creative process or the final product?

Pink Honey Moan – That’s a really excellent question. The creative process can be one of the most rewarding aspects of the whole journey if I’m able to not be so focused on the “final product.” However, as one of my mentors says, “There also comes a point when perfectionism is just procrastination disguised as productivity.” I have to remember not to treat my music like precious babies and just release them. I think once the final product presents itself, it’s no longer mine, so in a very long-winded answer – I like the creative process the most.

Music Bugle – Do you structure/schedule your songwriting or is it more a “spur of the moment” thing?

Pink Honey Moan – I try and structure it as much as possible by putting it in my calendar and just showing up, consistently. Even when nothing good comes out, I think the best writers are re-writers and maybe there’s even a snippet of a phrase or melody I can mold into something better. Something that’s always stuck with me is the idea that I need to write from my heart and edit with my brain. Consistently showing up is the whole key.

Music Bugle – Whose music is inspiring your sound right now?

Pink Honey Moan – Tons of great stuff! It’s hard to keep up. I follow a lot of music supervisors and they’re always making playlists with cool things that caught their attention. I like putting the playlists on when I run and will “heart” songs that inspire me and want to come back to. Specifically, I’ve been listening to a lot of the new Killers album lately. It really hits a chord as I grew up in a small town in South Dakota and all the beautiful/tragic things Brandon Flowers touches on are very nostalgic for me.

Music Bugle – Who’s your dream collab?

Pink Honey Moan – Jack Antonoff. Call me. I’m in New Jersey.

Music Bugle – Do you have a favorite lyric or verse off your upcoming single “Running up the Hillside”?

Pink Honey Moan – There’s a line in the first verse that goes, “That’s stating the obvious….masked illusions.” I love that “masked illusions” can also sound like “mass delusions.” I think that’s pretty cool and can be interpreted differently depending on the listener.

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