Ethereal Dream-Pop Singer-Songwriter Ebony Buckle Releases New Single From Her Upcoming Album ‘Disco Lasers’

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Ebony Buckle*

Ethereal Dream-Pop Singer-Songwriter Ebony Buckle Releases New Single from her upcoming album ‘Disco Lasers

‘Disco Lasers’ Released 1.10.21

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Artwork by Rosie Emerson

*From raindrop piano, haunting melodies and harmonies, to ascending strings, ethereal synths and mighty percussion, the building elements and diverse dynamics will take you to places you didn’t know existed.* Atwood Magazine

Release Date: 1st October 2021

For Fans of: Kate Bush, Regina Spektor, Aurora, Ren Harvieu, Eliza Shaddad

Ebony Buckle’s conceptual debut album, “Disco Lasers,” released unconventionally one song at a time, takes us on a journey through her imagination, celebrating the wonders of our universe and exploring how we, as human beings, can make sense of our existence. Her Album Launch party will be at The Pheasantry (Chelsea) on the 11th of November. Tickets can be booked HERE

Disco Lasers, the title track, examines the connection between the undefinable human soul and indisputable scientific fact and the fruits of our creativity that can bring us closer to a brighter (or darker) future! It also reflects on the source of life or, more controversially, the pressures of becoming a mother. Sharing her own hopes and fears, Ebony opens her heart to the uncomfortable feeling many women experience: will I be enough as a mother?

Says Buckle, “This song feels like a letter to my future child, as well as a message to my younger self”.

The emotional and captivating music video was created by Luke Taylor and Finn Buckle in Australia and ties the whole journey of Buckle’s album together, with a guest performance from Australian actor Charli Higgins. Following on from her previous releases, we are once again reunited with the intergalactic Whale and it’s silver passenger.

More About Ebony Buckle:

Ebony Buckle is an Australian singer-songwriter based in London. She writes and performs with her husband and producer Nick Burns. The singer and actress has performed in The West End and on screen for the BBC in “Inspector George Gently.” Her songs from the show reached number 1 in the iTunes World Music Charts. Every day, through her lyricism, music and poetry, Buckle gives an example of  the true empowerment and creative freedom that lies within artists who are independent, thus becoming an alternative source of music for the listeners who are in search of something more than just the purely conventional.

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Over the past year, Ebony has been building a community of poetry and music lovers around her music, who have been supporting her along the way as her patrons. Disco Lasers is an entirely independent release funded by them, which has empowered Ebony to explore the different ways an album could be shared with the world. 

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