New Songs By Blesson Roy – One Written In London, One In Austria – From Former Member Of Both Pete Yorn’s Dirty Bird, Slowcore Pioneers Idaho

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New songs from Blesson Roy – one written in London, one in Austria – from former member of both Pete Yorn’s Dirty Bird, slowcore pioneers Idaho.
“I was listening to Leonard Cohen, Van Morrison and The Waterboys,” Borden says of “No Other,” taken from just-released “Ana Left Spain +2” EP.
Terry Borden of Blesson Roy as photographed by Ankhurr Chawaak
Blesson Roy | “Ana Left Spain +2” EP
Think Like Spring is the debut solo album from life-long “music lover and music doer,” Terry Borden, the man behind Blesson Roy and follows-up Borden’s twin 2020 EPs “Time Is A Crime” and “Time Is A Crime (Almost Acoustic).” Borden’s long career has seen him traveling the world as bassist with Pete Yorn’s band and as a member of slowcore pioneers, Idaho, prior to the beginnings of Blesson Roy.
Borden has just released a new three-song Blesson Roy EP “Ana Left Spain +2,”which offers up a 2021 remix / remaster of the popular Think Like Spring album cut, accompanied by two all-new songs, “Bed of Roses” and “No Other.” Listen here and check out an interview with Vents Magazine where Borden discusses “Bed of Roses.”
“‘Bed of Roses’ was written in London during a glorious summer spent in and around Ladbroke Grove. Adventure, mischief and magic seemed to be all around and above us that summer. Somehow, through fate or fortune, we continually landed in a bed of roses rather than the briar patch… well, maybe a few times in the briar patch,” Borden says.
‘No Other’ was written in Austria near the border with Italy and Slovenia. I was visiting my wife Julia’s home, before we were married. I was in love with her and the beauty of the place where she was born and raised.
“We were hiking in the mountains, taking long walks along pristine rivers surrounded by the Austrian Alps, and I was listening to Leonard CohenVan Morrison and The Waterboys during this trip. I felt like their music was a soundtrack to the beauty of this part of the world. I wrote the chords and melody in a stream of consciousness and the words came a bit later when I reflected on the beauty of nature and new found love.”
“Ana Left Spain +2” is out now via Slow Start Records.
Blesson Roy In The Press
“Deliciously catchy hooks.” — American Songwriter
“A new sound in a new decade.” — PopMatters
“Dreamy and earthy.” — The Big Takeover
“Intricately-arranged pop.” — MXDWN
“One of the catchiest numbers of the year.” — Stereo Embers
“Sunny, Beach Boys-esque.” — Glide Magazine
“Hypnotic.” — Treble
Blesson Roy
Think Like Spring
Out Now
(Slow Start Records)
Streaming Link:
Track Listing:
01. Soothe (STREAM)
02. Fingerprints Of Love
04. Should’ve Known Better (VIDEO | LYRIC VIDEO | REMIX)
05. Ana Left Spain
06. Stays With You (STREAM | VIDEO | LYRIC VIDEO)
07. The Loving Sea
08. Waterfall Drops
09. Maria Rain
10. Thousand (STREAM | VIDEO)
11. Near
12. I Can See You
13. Falling
14. The Gaps
Blesson Roy | “Should’ve Known Better”


Hear “Should’ve Known Better” by Blesson Roy via American Songwriter and see the video at Under The Radar or at the links below.
Calling back to the bright tones and sweet melodies of Britpop. Amidst a jangly guitar-led instrumental and sharp vocal hook, Terry Borden of Blesson Roy takes listeners on another trip back through his record collection, showing his ability to incorporate and synthesize styles as both a creator and a fan.
“It’s basically the designed cinematic and aural engaged focus, rhythm and pacing of a real ‘climactic’ human moment,” says director Tom Gorai aka Sweeten, the Grammy® and Emmy®-nominated producer who has also produced videos for Pearl Jam (“Jeremy”), Nine Inch Nails and A Tribe Called Quest tells Under The Radar of his clip for the Blesson Roy single “Should’ve Known Better,” which depicts a masked Los Angeles, courtesy of a cyclist who biffs it and a liquor store parking lot dancer who clearly does not.
The “Should’ve Known Better,” video captures the “happy-sad emotional connection” that Borden – a veteran of slowcore pioneers Idaho and world-wide tours as part of Pete Yorn’s band – recently told American Songwriter he was working towards when writing the song. “I like the energy, the guitars and the contrasting bittersweet light and dark tones of the words and music. The chord progression was persistently coming out when I picked up the guitar over a long period of time. It required a permanent home!”
Influenced by The SmithsLeonard CohenThe BeatlesDavid BowieNew OrderLou Reed, Punk and Post-Punk from the 80s and 90s, as well as the roots of those movements from the 60s and 70s, Borden brings these and more to his debut album, Think Like Spring, out now via Slow Start Records.
Blesson Roy About
Think Like Spring is the debut album from life-long “music lover and music doer,” Terry Borden, the man behind Blesson Roy, and follows-up Borden’s twin 2020 EPs “Time Is A Crime” and “Time Is A Crime (Almost Acoustic)”.
On Sept. 24th, 2021Borden released a new three-song Blesson Roy EP “Ana Left Spain +2,” which offers up a 2021 remix/remaster of the popular Think Like Spring album cut, accompanied by two all-new songs, “Bed of Roses” and “No Other.”
Think Like Spring is the 14-song dreamy pop reflection of a child of 1970’s California whose early love of AM radio and his brother’s record collection led to membership in slowcore pioneers Idaho and Pete Yorn’s band Dirty Bird. Living in the UK during the explosion of subculture labels 4ADCreationFactory and Rough Trade has also heavily influenced the Blesson Roy sound.
Think Like Spring was recorded during the COVID-19 lockdown.
“I was alone in the studio adjacent to my home and had no distractions other than the feeling of being truly alone in the recording space, for days and weeks on end,” Borden explains. “The positive effect of the pandemic isolation in the studio was the time and ability to focus on the musical details in the songs, and extend the searches for the right chemical reactions that manifested in each track.”
Think Like Spring is a suggestion for a train of thought, which is focused on positivity and renewal,” Borden continues, discussing the album’s overall concept. “This is an especially important time for all of us to embrace the new positive and negative paradigm shifts with a sense of creativity and invention.”
About the album’s singles, Borden says, “‘Undertow’ took on a darker and lusher soundscape than I had originally imagined, having written that one as a Leonard Cohen or Nick Drake-influenced acoustic guitar song. As the recording unfolded, however, I realized that ‘Undertow’ needed a dark ambient soundscape rather than a stripped-down acoustic production.”
Borden explains that “Stays With You” was “a journey into dynamics with the chorus exploding out of the verses. It was a lot of fun and very satisfying to create the verse and chorus as almost two different bits of music that tied together emotionally, but remained separate dynamically.”
“I ventured into some new areas musically,” he says of ‘Thousand,’ which “became more of an emotional, anthemic recording; a bit of a departure. It was thrilling to construct ‘Thousand’ and draw on unbridled emotion for that one.”
“I am pleased that a song with the characteristics of ‘Undertow’ sits next to an indie rocker like ‘Should’ve Known Better,’ Borden says of the album’s final planned single. “I have always loved records that have different types of songs with a fearless approach to production that serves the song not the style of music. The Beatles’ ‘White Album’ is the pinnacle of this type of approach.”
Ultimately, Borden says that he tried to give each song a separate identity with a unique personality.
“I can’t say if I succeeded in this, but it was the way I recorded and structured the sound of each track. Writing and recording Think Like Spring was pure joy with patches of frustration that happen in any creative process. The songs and the creation of the recordings felt like a warm place in a cold and dangerous world.”
Think Like Spring by Blesson Roy is out now via Slow Start Records. The “Ana Left Spain +2” EP is also out now. 







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