TEROUZ Releases Official Video For “Big Boy Games”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By TEROUZ*

Photo by Felipe Collado 

Big Boy Games” is about massive ego wars. 

A dark twist that reimagines epic tales of vengeance and betrayal in retrowave galore! 

The music video that I directed, illustrated and edited is out now on YouTube and all streaming platforms. 

Big Boy Games” will hype you up before any challenge you viciously mean to obliterate. It’s why I built it for myself. I need the beast in me caged, but ready. 

A gallery of “mano a mano” rivalries intertwining with ominus hypnotic tones, haunting standoffs and grand finales! 
A comprehensive collection of my familiar scenes of body to body foul play is scheduled for a two-day gallery display in November 2021 at the Mount Stephen Hotel in Montreal – in the same room, the music video was shot in! 

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