Dankrupt Releases New Self-Titled Album

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Dankrupt*


Written & Performed by Dankrupt 

(Grant Bogorad, Nicholas Banaszak, Justin Lottie, Derek Shields) 

Recorded at The Beat Garage in North Hollywood, CA 

Release Date: August 27th, 2021 

Produced by Dankrupt 

Mixed & Mastered by Jamey Zebrack 

Engineered by Stone Wells 

Edited by Val Harrison 

Arranged by D Shields 

Orchestrated by Twitch Lottie 

Horns by Zach Lawhorne on “Seems to Me,” “Dry Bars” & “Another Bill” 

Featured Verse by Johnny Got Love on “Seems to Me” 


Dankrupt – a self-titled album by the Los Angeles band Dankrupt is the first full-length album from the band in 2021. The record is a blend of genres from alternative rock, reggae & bass-driven grooves. There is a blend of storytelling from D Shields and Stone wells vocally throughout the album with a featured verse from the San Francisco rapper/fashion designer Johnny Got Love on “Seems to Me.” This album was recorded live in the band’s studio in North Hollywood, produced by Dankrupt, mixed by Jamey Zebrack & artwork by Tavo Santiago. This is one of two full length records to be released in 2021 by the band. 


1. Calicotol 

2. Seems to Me feat. Johnny Got Love 

3. The Bay 

4. Dry Bars 

5. Nicky Bmi 

6. No Guarantees 

7. Another Bill 

8. Rearview

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