Bifocal Media Announces Limited Edition T-Shirts From Big Boys, Bat Fangs, Corrosion Of Conformity, Voivod, Hard-Ons, The Nils And Good Riddance

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Hit Points Media*

Bifocal Media Announces Limited Edition T-shirts from Big Boys, Bat Fangs, Corrosion Of Conformity, Voivod, Hard-Ons, The Nils and Good Riddance!

Collaborations with Visual Artists Abe Brennan, Brian Walsby, John Burwood, Chris Shary, Thomas Hazelmyer and Ron Liberti 

Bifocal Media has unveiled seven new limited edition T-shirt designs, adding to their already impressive roster of prints. These designs are limited to 300 and include Chris Shary and Brian Walsby design for Big Boys, a Ron Liberti design for Bat FangsThomas Hazelmyer design for Corrosion Of Conformity, a Chris Shary design for Voivod, a John Burwood design for Hard-Ons, a Brian Walsby design for The Nils and an Abe Brennan design for Good Riddance.

In 1997, Brad Scott and Charles Cardello produced and published “The Actuality of Thought” video with the intent of giving it away with a zine they were working on. To their surprise, the video turned into a huge underground hit during the summer of 1998 and the two college students found themselves the unlikely owners of a successful independent record label and media production company. Records, books, and more video releases followed and as the music industry changed, so did the focus and output of Bifocal Media

In 2009 Bifocal began working with well known visual artists and bands on collaborative, limited edition T-shirt releases. The idea was to split profits evenly with the bands and artists featured while producing an exclusive, rare product that could only be purchased directly from the featured bands or Bifocal Media

Almost 300 T-shirt offerings later, Bifocal has become a major player in the band Merch market while continuing to split profits evenly with creators and featured musicians they work with. To date they have collaborated with bands ranging from The Melvins and Dinosaur Jr to Big StarThe Avett Brothers and DEVO. Visual artists on board with the project include Amphetamine Reptile’s Thomas (Haze XXL) HazelmyerChris SharyBrian Walsby and over 20 others. 


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