Robbie Tucker Builds A Time Machine To Meet The Beatles

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Robbie Tucker*

Robbie Tucker Builds a Time Machine to Meet The Beatles

New Brunswick artist conjures a fantastical world with new album “Blue Candy”


He’s been compared to Paul McCartney before, but now, it seems that Robbie Tucker has gone back in time and stolen their sound before it formed.

Don’t be fooled – you won’t be hearing any Beatles knock-offs on Robbie Tucker’s Blue Candy – but you will wonder if Paul and Ringo didn’t have a baby, raise him in secret and teach him to make records.

Still, that wouldn’t cover Robbie Tucker – a singer, songwriter and producer from Miramichi, New Brunswick who continues to pump out true art, rife with fantastical imagery, deep storytelling and an oddball sensibility that has only grown richer in his 31 years of writing.

Blue Candy is Mr. Tucker’s 7th full-length album, coming right on the heels of his self-described “first and only Christmas album,” Peppermints, which sounds like “a cast recording for a non-existent Christmas production just waiting to be created,” according to Paul Baker of

All Mr. Tucker’s albums are available on Bandcamp at as well as every major streaming platform. Blue Candy released on July 30th, 2021.

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