Neptune Rain Release New Single “Bitter Pill”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Crazy Pug Music*

GENRE – Alt Rock/Rap Metal/Nu Metal
FFO – Linkin Park/30 Seconds to Mars/BMTH/Papa Roach

Watch the video for last single ‘We Breathe the Same’

Fresh from their BBC Airwaves festival performance, Neptune Rain are delighted to announce their second single release of 2021.

“Bitter Pill” is a brutally honest track that pulls no punches in opening up about an ongoing battle with severe depression – one which has been exacerbated by the hopelessness and isolation felt throughout the pandemic.

Whilst Neptune Rain have offered up a consistent message of hope throughout their releases to date, lyrics such as ‘resistant to the medicine, I’m staring at the bottom’ and ‘I live on borrowed time,’ particularly highlight how elusive hope can sometimes be. Despite this, the final line ‘the only way is up from here’ suggests a desire to continue fighting for better days.

Bitter Pill is released on July 30th, 2021, on all major digital stores and streaming platforms.

You can pre-save the track now on Spotify >>

The band have recently set up a new channel on streaming channel Twitch and will be launching their own fun game show ‘Neptune Games’ featuring guests from the world of music participating in fun games and an interview live every other Sunday. Check out the channel here >

The band cannot wait to get out on the road and bring their unique style to a stage near you. With shows booking up for later in the year, they are gearing up to announce some tour dates in the coming weeks.


Yeah I’ve had nights like this,
So many days like that,
But I’ve never been crazed, never been phased,
‘Til I was erased like that. 

There have been times that I’ve screamed,
There have been ghosts in my dreams,
Though I never let go, never been alone,
I’ve never cried tears like these. 

A million miles still left to go,
While typical logic fails to flow,
And cynical lines still get drilled home,
‘Be more Elsa, just let go’. 

There have been lines that I’ve sung,
Not many times that I’ve won,
Invisible strings, holding my wings,
Like I’m just here for their fun. 

Just wake me up when my pain is numb. 


What a bitter pill, so hard to swallow
Resistant to the medicine I’m staring at the bottom
And I’m a sucker to the mind.
What a bitter pill, so hard to follow
Can’t get over yesterday but dreaming of tomorrow
And I, I live on borrowed time 

Verse 2

Yeah I’ve had months like this
Not many years like that
Always had insight, felt on the inside
Never been blind to the facts 

Always had judgement, always had time
Never too hard to fake that smile
Never lacked substance, never had guile
Yet my existence is now back on trial. 

How can I be here again alone
Wake me up when the sickness goes
How can I feel like I do each day
When people around me suffer the same or worse? 

The end has begun
Clouds look down, their back to the sun
Luck feels lost, my stamina stung
Chasing hope I’ll never out run 

My nights are numbered, my days are done. 


Is anybody out there?
Can anybody hear me?
I’m sinking and I don’t care
I need another remedy
Is anybody out there?
Can anybody hear me?
I’m sinking and I don’t careI need another remedy 




Formed in late 2019 and as heard on BBC Radio Gloucestershire, Cheltenham-based Neptune Rain spent 2020 putting together their debut EP and responding to lockdown the best way they know how – with entertaining online content including full socially-distanced band play-throughs from their respective homes, impressive vocal covers and their own internet chat show.

Following the release of their debut single ‘If That Was Love’ in July 2020 and it subsequently being picked up by BBC Radio Gloucestershire, Neptune Rain released the follow up – ‘All Pain No Gain’ – a song about finding hope in the darkest of times, which led to a further four nights on the BBC Radio Gloucestershire evening show with Maddie Simpson.

The band released their debut EP ‘Chaos & Light’ in November 2020, mixed and mastered by Christoph Wieczorek (Annisokay/Caskets). This release truly captured the band’s sound, which fuses raw emotion with authentic rapped and sung vocals, soaring synths and distorted guitars, whilst their captivating melodic hooks help to produce a stratospheric, modern rock sound.

With a clear dynamic of light and shade in their writing style, the darker influences on their sound are evident, but the end products are a unique culmination of pain and hope expressed in a style that is unmistakably contemporary and undeniably their own.

Their last release ‘We Breathe the Same’ amassed over 1000 streams in less than 24 hours and was supported by numerous radio stations all over the world. The track was a number one daily single on Banks Radio Australia, stayed on Voice FMs playlist for 5 weeks, going up to the B list and is still being played on the likes of ERB Radio and HRH Radio.

Neptune Rain were handpicked to perform at BBC Gloucestershires ‘Airwaves’ festival over the May bank holiday, alongside the likes of Texas and Rag N Bone Man. They were a popular choice with the station, receiving many calls after the performance wanting to hear more.

With another single scheduled for release this year and a new EP to follow, 2021 is already looking busy for Neptune Rain and they show no signs of slowing down.

It has been speculated that on our solar system’s most distant planet, the conditions may arise for diamonds to fall as rain. Yet closer to home, Neptune Rain are proving to be an emerging gem on the UK’s music scene, winning the hearts and minds of those with a love of honesty, integrity and hard-hitting energy in their playlists. Whatever the future holds for both the music industry and wider world, Neptune Rain will be there, bringing the anthems, the dreams and the creativity.


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