The Deadnotes’ New Single ‘Easy Summer’ Out Now

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Here’s your new favorite Summer hit and the soundtrack for lighter times. A song to hopefully lift you up, make you smile and dance and get rid of all the bad vibes and dynamics after a long time of constant bummers.


The sun still shines above the darkest clouds

There’s no other way to explain why THE DEADNOTES wrote their biggest pop song so far with their new single “Easy Summer.” A small-big anti-summer hit, for times in which chaos reigns, but giving up is not an option: “Chin up / it’s an easy summer” – this is a song everyone needs right now!

THE DEADNOTES are serial convincers.

Less than 18 months after their second album “Courage,” new music is ready to be released. But a lot has happened. The trio, which in its early 20s, already have toured more than 25 European countries and have played more than 500 concerts, is no longer a trio anymore. Drummer Yannic Arens left the band last year. A new, permanent member of the band is not to be thought of right now.

Darius Lohmüller (vocals, guitar) and Jakob Walheim (bass, vocals) use the new constellation to rethink their songwriting. The exchange between the two musicians from Freiburg, Germany becomes more direct and immediate. And the possibilities of what a Deadnotes song can be like feel more diverse: “It would be a very good time to write emo songs, but we deliberately wanted to do the opposite. Take things with humor to the best of your possibilities,” says Darius.

One reason why there is a saxophone solo in “Easy Summer”’s Bridge.

It’s wonderfully bonkers.

But it makes so much sense: “It’s not always about finding a solution for everything. Sometimes, you have to open the valves and let everything out.” Their new songs were produced in numerous friends’ band-practice rooms all across Germany. The time to learn all the technical skills was definitely there. Also, “Last year, we had more time to listen to different kinds of music – film music, jazz, electronic music and much more – we opened our ears,” says Jakob.

THE DEADNOTES liberate themselves: they simply couldn’t care less what the scene-standard currently is, neither musically nor in general. “What I’ve been drawing out of Punk before I often now find in Pop or Hip-Hop music,” says Darius.

You can especially also see this in the music video to the song – with extravagant outfits the band underlines their current situation and how they feel about it. Isolation, breaking out, the search for ease. Especially because both band members jump into this role, “Easy Summer” is so approachable.

The next creative phase of THE DEADNOTES will be characterized by contrasts and experiments – the empowering “Easy Summer” is just the first of many new songs that can be expected from this extraordinary band in the next months.

Tickets for the band’s upcoming shows:

Summer 2021:

24.07. Freiburg (DE), ArTik
28.07. Innsbruck (AT), Talstation
29.07. Graz (AT), Music House
30.07. Wiener-Neustadt (AT), Triebwerk
31.07. Munich (DE), Backstage w/ Cadet Carter
01.08. Braunschweig (DE), Wolters Applaus Garten w/ Razz
06.08. Freiburg (DE), Kultur_Los! Festival
07.08. Fürth (DE), Sommer am Lindenhain
16.08. Dortmund (DE), JunkYard w/ Pabst
19.08. Sursee (CH), Kulturwerk 118
26.08. Colmar (FR), Festival Natala
27.08. Voitze (DE), Fill the Void Festival
17.09. Heek (DE), Open-Air Heek

‘Courage’ Tour 2021:

02.12. Oldenburg (DE), Umbaubar
03.12. Lübeck (DE), Blauer Engel
04.12. Copenhagen (DK), Underwerket
07.12. Paderborn (DE), Sputnik
08.12. Bonn (DE), Bla
09.12. Mainz (DE), Schon Schön
10.12. Jena (DE), Rosenkeller
13.12. Zürich (CH), Dynamo
17.12. Freiburg (DE), Waldsee
18.12. Rorschach (CH), Treppenhaus

Video: @moeschinn

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