Mark Bryan Teams With Director Mark Pellington (Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy,” Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters) For “Gotta Get Outta Town”

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Mark Bryan teams with director Mark Pellington (Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy,” Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters) for “Gotta Get Outta Town”
“Reminded me of when I first heard a reckless, mayhem-filled Replacements B-side,” says Pellington of ripping “Midlife Priceless” single.
 Mark Bryan as photographed by Kirk Robert
Mark Bryan | “Gotta Get Outta Town”
“Making ‘Gotta Get Outta Town’ was an absolute joy. Reminded me of when I first heard an old, reckless, mayhem-filled Replacements B-side.” — Mark Pellington
Mark Pellington: “Mark Bryan is an amazing artist – just such a creative, positive and uncompromising guy. He was nothing but soulful, encouraging, and optimistic. I found this energy to be infectious and his whole open-hearted worldview to be incredibly bright and positive.
“Making ‘Gotta Get Outta Town’ was an absolute joy, it. Reminded me when I first heard an old, reckless, mayhem-filled Replacements B-side. Loose, fun, uninhibited… The song was that spirit of what we’re trying to do on this video… something free, fun, loose and cool.”
Mark Bryan: “Mark (Pellington) heard the song and immediately knew how he wanted to make the video, which is the exact same spirit the song was written in, so we were fired up. Pellington is intense and the shoot was full of energy. He and his crew knew some of the shots they were going for, but several more happened in the moment and we were having a blast hanging out. The cast was full of talented, vibrant individuals that have become new friends.”

Mark Bryan
Midlife Priceless
Out Now
(Stone Point Records)
Streaming Link:
 Track Listing:
01. Gotta Get Outta Town (2:49) (STREAM | VIDEO | INTERVIEW)
02. A Little More Rock N Roll (3:33) (STREAM | VIDEO | LYRIC VIDEO | INTERVIEW)
03. Wanna Feel Something (3:16) (STREAM | VIDEO | INTERVIEW)
04. Let Your Soul Light Shine (3:26) (STREAM | VIDEO | INTERVIEW)
05. Takin’ A Ride (feat. Wyatt Durrette) (2:46) (VIDEO | LYRIC VIDEO)
06. Madelynn Claire (2:51)
07. I Like Your Everything (2:43)
08. Explain That To A Heart (3:23) (STREAM)
09. Like Make Believe (3:14)
10. Growing Wild (3:10)
11. Open Up Lucille (2:25)
12. Wishing (Acoustic) (2:46) (STREAM)

Mark Bryan | “Let Your Soul Light Shine”
Charleston City Paper reports: “Singer-songwriter and Hootie & the Blowfish lead guitarist Mark Bryan’s new single, ‘Let Your Soul Light Shine,’ features a special music video filmed at MUSC as a tribute to its frontline healthcare workers.
“Inspiration for the song stemmed from experiences in Bryan’s own life. ‘I was getting divorced, Hootie was on a hiatus — so the identity I had for years was being stripped away,’ he said. ‘But it was what I needed to realize who I really am. You can put a label on anybody, but who they really are is at their core and at their soul.’
“This epiphany — that the very essence of who we are is determined not by outward labels, but by the way we power through difficulties — became the idea for ‘Let Your Soul Light Shine.’ Bryan felt that MUSC hospital workers are a ‘gleaming example’ of this grit and determination.”

Mark Bryan | “Takin’ A Ride (feat. Wyatt Durrette)”
See the “Takin’ A Ride (feat. Wyatt Durrette)” video now via The Boot, which says, “Mark Bryan and Wyatt Durrette headed to paradise for their new ‘Takin’ A Ride’ music video. The Hootie & the Blowfish co-founder and hit country songwriter are using the clip, premiering exclusively on The Boot, to spotlight hurricane rebuilding efforts in the Bahamas.
“Shot in Elbow Cay, Bryan and Durrette’s video finds them hanging at beach bars, napping in hammocks and enjoying the stunning ocean views. The small island was devastated by Hurricane Dorian, a Category 5 hurricane, in September of 2019 and while the ‘Takin’ A Ride’ music video shows off some truly gorgeous scenery, it ends with a focus on the continuing storm recovery efforts, via the Elbow Cay Restoration Association.
Order Midlife Priceless by Mark Bryan as a deluxe LP or CD at Bandcamp here.

Mark Bryan | About
Midlife Priceless is the title of Hootie & The Blowfish guitarist Mark Bryan’s fourth solo album.
It’s also how he rolls.
Three years since the release of Bryan’s previous record, a lot has happened: His 20 million-selling, two-time Grammy®-winning band got back together for a sold-out arena tour that meant as much to Bryan as it did to the fans that came out by the tens of thousands.
“Wanna Feel Something” is the new album’s first single for a reason.
Tonight we ride again
Just like we did back when
We were best friends, and it would never end
It’s right there.
Mark Bryan is about feeling something and making you feel something. The energy in the buildings around the country that rocked again with the songs that made Hootie one of the biggest-selling acts in music history, is all here on Midlife Priceless.
When Bryan gets to the guitar solo on “Wanna Feel Something,” it’s a done deal.
The album’s title draws a deep parallel, metaphorically, with a lyric from another of the record’s standout tunes, “Takin’ A Ride,” a duet with Wyatt Durrette, writer of many of the Zac Brown Band’s hits.
“Die young as late as you can”
It’s a beautiful statement. It’s a mission statement.
“That line speaks to the point I am in my life and why I’m still making music,” Bryan says.
Even before Hootie got back together to be met with love-filled venues as if it were the 1990’s again, Bryan was living this way. Through good and bad – especially bad – he was connecting with his youth, wonder, curiosity and joy.
As defined, “priceless” is something so precious that its value cannot be determined.
A record album has to provide value though, right?
One of the reasons that Bryan chose to lead up to the release of Midlife Priceless with a long string of singles is because so many moods and styles are represented. He thought to give ‘em a chance to shine on their own, in a different way than they do as a collection.
This might not be an auspicious plan for some artists, but Bryan’s track record dictates that he knows his way around a single and this approach is another example of how Bryan is living midlife priceless.
Midlife Priceless, the fourth solo album by Hootie & The Blowfish guitarist Mark Bryan is out now.
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