Music Bugle Exclusive – Q & A – Careful, Brother

Artwork for ‘A Thousand Weeks.’ Courtesy of FIFTYcc.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez

Composed of members Randy Moore (The Moore Family Band, Get Married), Tarif Pappu (Get Married) and Jason Chiorean (Rove), California-based trio Careful, Brother recently dropped their debut single “A Thousand Weeks.”

Described as “an acoustic ballad with teeth,” the track showcases the band’s chemistry and overall tightness, with a lyrical focus on years of being on the road and the yearning and near-misses that comes with them.

Formed during quarantine as an outlet to experiment with music that was outside their respective projects, they were musically inspired by the likes of Pinegrove, Phoebe Bridgers and Crosby, Stills And Nash.

The Music Bugle had the chance to speak with the band about “A Thousand Weeks” and more.

Music Bugle – How do you compare Careful, Brother to your other respective musical projects? 

Randy Moore – Definitely wanted to explore more of a folky/singer-songwriter territory. It was really challenging, but also exciting to step away from loud guitars and focus on the song in a stripped-down fashion.

Tarif Pappu – Careful, Brother is a more collaborative project than I’ve ever been in. We each bring something special to the table musically and personality-wise and the result is music that really captures our vibe as friends and bandmates. 

Jason Chiorean – What makes this project so unique is the diversity in each of our musical backgrounds. On paper, this trio shouldn’t work, but it does. To me, that’s what makes it dope. 

Music Bugle – What was your goal with your lead single “A Thousand Weeks”? 

Jason Choirean – When we set out to write this song in April of last year, we were just three dudes with three guitars, one dream, 12 White Claws and zero jobs. We had no real goal when we first started writing it, besides getting out of the house and trying to stay sane. 

Randy Moore – Just to have something to look forward to while we’re all in lockdown. Couldn’t think of a better way to spend my time while “nothing” else is happening.

Tarif Pappu – It started off with us just seeing if we could write a song at the park on a nice afternoon. Once the song was written, it just seemed weird not to share with all our friends! 

Music Bugle – What is your favorite memory from being on the road? 

Randy Moore – Honestly, there are too many to pick one favorite. A lot of my most fondest memories are the conversations we would have on long drives. 

Tarif Pappu – Exploring New Orleans was really special! Jason and I even met the owner of a fine bar/music venue on Bourbon street! 

Jason Chiorean – In Memphis, Tarif and I went to some random diner, while the rest of Get Married was at Graceland. I had a great burger and our waitress was a sweetheart. I don’t know why, but I love that memory. Also, that was not the owner of the bar in New Orleans! That was a homeless dude. 

Music Bugle – How would you say 2021 has treated you so far? 

Randy Moore – Lots of ups and down like last year. Feeling hopeful about the future. Excited to release and work on new music. 

Tarif Pappu – What Randy said! 

Jason Choirean – What Tarif said!

Music Bugle – What are your three favorite all-time albums? 

Tarif Pappu – ‘Tusk’ by Fleetwood Mac, The Band’s self-titled brown album and ‘Interventions + Lullabies’ from The Format.

Randy Moore – Again, lots to choose from. Some off the top of my head are ‘Goddamnit’ by Alkaline Trio, ‘Abbey Road’ by The Beatles and Weezer’s “Blue” album.

Jason Choirean – ‘We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank’ by Modest Mouse, ‘Second Sight’ by Hey Rosetta! and ‘Come Around Sundown’ by Kings of Leon.

Music Bugle – What’s some advice that you would give younger musicians just starting out? 

Jason Choirean – Don’t take yourself too seriously, don’t look at music as a competition and never stop being a student. 

Randy Moore – Take risks, have fun and push yourself.

Tarif Pappu – Learn the rules so you can break them! 

Music Bugle – What was the moment that made you want to play music? 

Jason Choirean – Growing up, my neighbor/mentor John taught me how to play guitar. The first time I wrote a song with him, I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life. 

Randy Moore – When I saw AC/DC. Looked like a fun job to have. 

Tarif Pappu – Blink-182, man! 

Music Bugle – Away from music, what’s something that people might be surprised to know about you? 

Randy Moore – I love cooking shows! 

Tarif Pappu – I’m half Indian and half Finnish. Findian, if you will. 

Jason Choirean – I make the meanest margaritas in town. Spicy, skinny, Cadillac… You name it. 

Music Bugle – Where are some places you’d love to travel to in the future? 

Randy Moore – Really looking forward to visiting Europe soon. Fingers crossed!

Jason Choirean – I’ve always wanted to visit/play a show in London. Also want to visit Romania, where my parents are from. 

Tarif Pappu – I would love to travel literally anywhere as soon as we can! However, particularly interested in the Southwest at the moment! 

Music Bugle – Have you been working on any new music? 

Tarif Pappu – Yeah! Hope you like this song. We’ll have more to share very soon! 

Randy Moore – Always. Excited to work on new ideas and get them out there.

Jason Choirean – Hell yeah, brother! Stay tuned!

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