Octopus Montage Presents Engaging Video For The Effectual “Vendetta”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By UAC Management*


Following on from the unapologetic “Voices,” the anthemic “Grow Up,” the candid “Right Here With Me,” the vicious “A Shortcut,” the dynamic “Dopamine,” the seething “Don’t Run Your Mouth” and the raw and straight-out “Mother Tucker Dude, That Hurt Like A Buttcheek On A Stick”, UK pop-punk/metalcore quartet Octopus Montage releases yet another installment off the band’s just recently released debut full-length album (“How To Live & How To Lose) – the angry and direct “Vendetta”! Accurately comprising all of the already established distinctive features of the formation’s music profile, “Vendetta” continues to solidify Octopus Montage‘s talent to create diversified compositions that are not burdened by any conventional genre-boundaries, which creates another indication about the nature of the content available in the group’s album as well! Written by Alex Jennings the week after he joined Octopus Montage, the song focuses on the anger and betrayal he felt after his previous band had broken up, making the vocalist pull said band out of multiple gigs, including festivals, as he was left being the only remaining member. The song serves as a big middle finger to the people he considered to be his friends and was the first song that was completed after he joined the band, however a studio version hasn’t been released until now and serves as a reminder that things may not always go how you think they will, but there is always an alternative route.

Watch the video for “Vendetta” by clicking on the image below.


Commenting on the most recent installment of the band’s activity, Alex of Octopus Montage provides further details about “Vendetta”“This is a very old song now. It’s been in the band longer than Cain! It goes through the motions of how I felt when my previous band split up. We had been offered a big opportunity before we split up, the breakup and subsequent time after left a very sour taste in my mouth. Lots of things were said about me on social media by lots of people that I considered friends, who didn’t think I could see what was said, but luckily enough, I still had a few good friends beside me, who showed me everything. I know some of my old band mates (and some of the other people involved) follow me and Octopus Montage now. I’m not going to say anything bitter and bring up an old situation, but I am genuinely grateful now that it happened, because it brought me to where I am today, in a band I consider family, achieving things I didn’t believe were possible. I think this track was something I needed to write to get my frustration surrounding the situation out and to move on.”

Octopus Montage‘s “How To Live & How To Lose,” featuring all of the formation’s recent singles, is now available


1. “Grow Up”
2. “Voices”
3. “Right Here With Me”
4. “Dopamine”
5. “A Shortcut To The Unconscious Mind”
6. “Don’t Run Your Mouth”
7. “Vendetta”
8. “Mother Tucker Dude, That Hurt Like A Buttcheek On A Stick”
9. “Phantom Settlements”
10. “Split”
11. “Jennifer’s Secret”

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