Mike Park And Jeff Rosenstock Celebrate 25 Years Of Asian Man Records With Jaw-Dropping “BLT” Video

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Asian Man Records celebrates its 25th anniversary this month after two and a half decades of releasing the world’s hottest ska-punk records out of the same South Bay garage. 

Still ahead for AMR is the hotly anticipated release of the Bruce Lee Band’s explosive Division in the Heartland EP (on May 28), but the band’s DIY-namic duo of Mike Park and Jeff Rosenstock are taking a victory lap early with today’s release of an instantly iconic music video for advance single “BLT” (Bruce Lee Theme).

“BLT” was released earlier this month as an advance single off Division in the Heartland. A vibrantly tongue-in-cheek tribute to the electrifying talent and brazen creativity of these ska-punk luminaries, the new music video only heightens this track’s sense of hard-skankin’ passion, devil-may-care momentum and singalong swell – all vital ingredients that have cohered to make it one of their most widely acclaimed tracks to date. 

As Rosenstock sings Park’s lyrics in rapid-fire Korean, surrounded by grooving guitars and crashing cymbals, it’s truly a sight to see.

Division in the Heartland 
is out May 28 on all major platforms, as well as physically on limited-edition 12” random colored vinyl, via Asian Man Records.

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