Grande Fox Releases Official Video For “Rottenness Of Youth”

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Grande Fox – “Rottenness of Youth” (Official Video Clip)

Grande Fox, on February 19, 2021, presented the “Empty Nest.” It is the second full-length album and fourth release for the four-member Space Psychedelic Stoner Heavy Rock band from Thessaloniki.

Following the release of their debut album “Space Nest” (2016), EP “Kulning” (2018) and the single “Documento” (2019), “Empty Nest” contains 11 new songs, with “Hangman” and “Manganite” to have already stood out.

The “Empty Nest” also includes the song “Rottenness of Youth.”

The song refers to the rot that characterizes youth today. Here, the position of expression is in an ego which has awakened and refuses to follow the common currents. He opposes the defeatism of the individual and makes his position clear by spitting in the face all this sick condition in which the young people of our society are swamped.

“Rottenness of Youth” is the second song of the album ’’Empty Nest.” Three elements that characterize the sound and the style of this track are riffs, grunge vibes and the intense feeling of anger. Τhe lyrics refer to today’s rottenness and express refusal to follow these common currents of the sick state of society.

The video clip shootings you will watch took place in a small city in Greece called Drama.

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