Autumn Revival Return With New Single “Was It Something That I Said?”

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AUTUMN REVIVAL Return With New Single “Was It Something That I Said?”
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Following their trilogy of debut singles, NYC-based rock band Autumn Revival is back with their latest track, “Was It Something That I Said?” which released on Friday, April 30th, 2021.

The song’s lyrics tell the story of someone facing the consequences of something they said while intoxicated and discuss not relying on alcohol or substances for anything.

“I wrote this song about a very specific feeling/moment I had where I was completely drunk and I could feel myself losing consciousness. It’s about not relying on alcohol to say how you feel,” vocalist/guitarist Alexy Perez states about the track. “I feel a lot of people struggle to muster up enough confidence to be direct with someone. They rely on substances to help them ‘be’ who they are.”

Musically, “Was It Something That I Said?” continues to showcase the versatility within Autumn Revival’s sound, from the indie rock-influenced intro to the pop-punk-influenced instrumentation in the energetic verses and the breakdown that concludes the song.
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Artwork Credit: @timotheartist
Stream “Was It Something That I Said?” HERE! 
About Autumn Revival:

Since their formation in 2017, New York City-based alternative rock band Autumn Revival has cemented themselves within their local music scene. Their musical influences range from Taking Back Sunday to Three Days Grace and Neck Deep and their trilogy of debut singles – “Ramona Flowers,” “Parasite,” and “Fly Away” – showcases this eclectic mix of influences.

The band followed up this triad with the release of their latest single, “Was It Something That I Said?” – a song that also displays this versatility and variety – and has even more new material on the horizon.

Autumn Revival is:

Alexy Perez (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar)

Mickey Lozano (Lead Guitar/Vocals)

Joshua Reguillo (Bass)

Miguel Vasquez (Drums)




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