HAUNTER Releases Official Audio For “Illuminate”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By HAUNTER*

Lucy Lenoir – Vocals, Mark Schroeder – Bass, Mike Ray – Guitar/Synth and Enoma Asowata on Guitar/Synth.

We’re a bunch of former emo kids and one metalhead that ditched the loud guitars for big hooks and pop sensibilities. Citing influences from ChvrchesEllie GouldingParamore and Imagine Dragons, we blend our pop foundation with slick electronic elements and soaring, anthemic vocals.

Our single “Illuminate” was released on 02/25/2021. Produced and co-written by two-time Grammy nominated producer Tyler Smyth (LIGHTS, I Prevail, Falling In Reverse) the song showcases ethereal guitars paired with dynamic percussion.

At its core, “Illuminate” is a love song. We wanted to write about those quiet moments when you breathe in and realize you’ve fallen hopelessly in love. Something in the way your partner looks at you just ignites this fire. We’re fascinated by that magic. 

Our social media handles for all services:
@haunterisntreal – FB, IG, Tik Tok, Twitter
Website: http://haunterisntreal.com
HAUNTER / Print Money Gang LLC. 

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