HAUNTER Releases New Single “Risk It All”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By HAUNTER*

HAUNTER is vocalist Lucy Lenoir, bassist Mark Schroeder, guitarist/synthesist Mike Ray and guitarist/synthesist Enoma Asowata. They’re a bunch of former emo kids and one metalhead that ditched the loud guitars for big hooks and pop sensibilities. Citing influences from ChvrchesEllie GouldingParamore and Imagine Dragons, they blend their pop foundation with slick electronic elements and soaring, anthemic vocals.

Their latest single “Risk It All” is a song about how fleeting, but intoxicating living your dreams can be. There’s also elements of the bravery it takes to just go all in and live in the moment, no matter how short. The song was produced by Grammy-Nominated Rock/Metal Producer Tyler Smyth aka MYTH (LIGHTS, I Prevail, Falling In ReverseBlessthefall).

Lucy Lenoir: “’Risk It All’ was written for the dreamer inside all of us. The entire band was on the roof of an LA high-rise apartment complex, daydreaming of where we would be in the next five years…talking about our futures like we knew what we were getting ourselves into. We knew there was no way we could get anywhere without risking everything we have to make this band work. Right then and there, we decided we would do whatever we had to, to get to where we wanted to be. No doubts, no fears, just passion, and risk! Sometimes, you have to take a leap of faith to land where you want to be. This is that song.”

Enoma Asowata:  “I think with all our songs, there’s always these elements of nostalgia that come through. We seem to be enamored with the possibilities. A love between what currently is and what might be. Like a summer romance you dont want to end. I think ‘Risk It All’ really ties in those ideas of living with passion and fearlessness.”

Song Credits:
Written by: Lucy LeNoir, Enoma Asowata, Tyler Smyth, Mike Ray and Mark Schroeder
Mixed by: Tyler Smyth
Mastered by: Tyler Smyth
Cover Art: Cameron Burns (http://instagram.com/captvart)
Art Direction: Enoma Asowata

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