Erich Mrak Releases Animated Lyric Visual For “Girls”

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Promo cover art
Erich Mrak


10 September 2020
Toronto-based pop/hip hop artist Erich Mrak is constantly experimenting with new, emotive ways to express his inner self to music. “Girls,” an upbeat departure for Mrak, is the first single from full-length album “Glimpse.” Erich recently released an animated lyric video for the track.

“Girls” was one of the last songs we produced for “Glimpse” and the initial production of the song started with myself and Phil playing melodies on an upright piano on the live floor. 

Initially “Girls” was titled “Boys” and centered around the dynamic of a close female friend of mine going through heartbreak. While the context of “Girls” centres around a recent heartbreak, the core message of the song lies in the supportive dynamic friendship plays in encouraging someone they can do better. – Erich Mrak

“Girls” was influenced by artists like Post Malone, Tame Impala and The 1975, with its guitar heavy production, processed vocals and lyrics derived from interpersonal relations.

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Song writing / producer credits:
Performed by Erich Mrak.
Written by Erich Mrak & Phil Hotz.
Produced by Phil Hotz.
Mixed by Brandon Unis & Phil Hotz.
Mastered by Brad Smith.

Artist Name: Erich Mrak
Location: Toronto, ON
Release Title: Girls
Release Date: June 23rd
Label: Independent
Musician Names/Instruments: Erich Mrak
Producer Name(s): Phil Hotz
Similar/RIYL: Post Malone, The 1975, Tame Impala.
Genre(s): Pop.

Press Quotes:
“The thing I enjoy most about Mrak is how his music paints a large picture of the
mood of the song”.
 – Acronym

“An extremely personal song, “I Don’t” hears Mrak reflecting on past
experiences, channelling specific memories into a song”
. – Exclaim!

 “Mrak makes every effort to achieve sonic perfection on each track”. –

“It’s almost like Mrak is creating his own genre and if this is the case, what a
wonderful genre it would be”. 
– YourEDM

“Erich Mrak easily joins the wave of euphoric Alt-Electro singers and
songwriters such as James Blake
” – Neon Music

 “Erich Mrak has a distinct sound that reminds me of Post Malone or Mac Miller,
mixed with an electronic vibe
.” – Noiseporn

“Mrak crosses the bridges of love, late nights and early mornings, plus more”. – The Source Magazine

“Mrak’s emotive vocal presence meshes nicely with a variety of electronic
 – Obscure Sound

Artist Biography:
Beginning to write lyrics at the age of 7, and recording his first full song at 13, Erich has continued to practice, and refine his sound since an early age. Born in Ottawa, based in
Toronto since 2013, Erichʼs influences come from where heʼs been, and where he currently is. Over production that is made up of two main genres, pop and hip-hop, Erich
displays a combination of the two with a genuine delivery, penning songs that are relatable, with message.

Recently amassing over 400,000 streams collectively on various singles, and completing his album, “Glimpse,” Erich shows no signs of slowing down. Outside of the album, Erich’s most recent achievements lie in the practice of piano since the start of the quarantine. Erich has been recording live performance covers in his living room, intending to release them between single releases over the next few months.

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