Coffin Apartment Release Debut LP And Unveil First Single

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Coffin Apartment Release Debut LP and Unveil First Single

Coffin Apartment have released their Full Torso Apparition LP and unveiled the first single from the album….

Metal Injection says the track “starts frantic and maintains that’s a mentality. However, despite its punk punch, the band is quick to administer a kinda noise rock feel.” adding “It floats between the genres for a bit and tugs at other genres like a bit of a grind feel, but something that still stays punk through and through.”

Coffin Apartment formed in Portland, Oregon in early 2018. Shortly after the break up of the noisy-metal-chaos of Portland’s A Volcano, guitarist/vocalist Johnny Brooke received a text from Justin Straw, drummer/vocalist of Seattle’s deep-space powerviolence duo Same-Sex Dictator, who had recently moved to Portland and was looking to start a band. They soon recruited bassist/vocalist Brody Mennitto of long-standing Portland math rock outliers Toim and the final lineup was solidified. The union of these three weirdos, who had been churning out various forms of off-kilter heaviness in the Pacific Northwest for several years, involved very little pretense. The band was born of the desire to work with one another, having been fans of each other’s previous projects and wanting to meld unique and varying influences that arose spontaneously. Elements of death metal, grind, hardcore punk, sludgy noise rock and even prog and psychedelia all come together to make a sound unique to themselves. Unintentional yet natural, the songwriting process culminated in a self-titled release on cassette in the spring of 2019 and a year later, the band found themselves recording their debut full-length, Full Torso Apparition, right before a global pandemic changed the world. Although the band name is in reference to inadequately sized residential units in China, the effects of the coronavirus on the world have made the band’s name a very unfortunately fitting moniker. Coffin Apartment’s Full Torso Apparition LP was released on November 20th via Silver Stature Sounds.

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