Gareth Inkster Releases Two New Songs – “Thank You”/”Vermilion”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Gareth Inkster*

My new duo –

Thank You,” was written in the late stages of grief. 

I had done the denial, the bargaining and all the rest of it and I had come to a place of surprising stillness.

Upon reflection, I came to feel grateful, above all else, for what I’d had in the first place, rather than only sorrowful for what I’d lost..

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The title track didn’t take very long to write – it’s only two verses and an outro, really, but it took quite a long time to arrange and mix. I really wanted it to sound ultimately hopeful, although sad and gentle, although driven.

The second song, “Vermilion,” is a reworking of a previously released piece. This version is slowed down and a bit sparser.

I hope these songs can be a comfort to you in this harrowing season we’re all enduring together. 

Love from Hamilton, Canada.   

Gareth Inkster

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