Science Man Releases New LP On Big Neck Records And Unveils Video For The First Single

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Hit Points Media*

Science Man Releases New LP on Big Neck Records and Unveils Video for the First Single

Big Neck Records released Science Man II from Science Man on November 6th. You can watch the video for the first single “Crawling Out” now….

Buffalo, NY’s lab rat Science Man is back with a new LP Science Man II and this time with Big Neck Records fanning the flames. SM II cranks the gas and doubles the dose on the maniac fronted, drum-machine driven, relentless guitar attack that was his 2019 self-titled debut on Swimming Faith Records. Cannibalizing one limb of rock and roll to augment the nasty, bashing ability of it’s other more punk appendages. Think if Hot Snakes started playing only basement gigs with weirdo hardcore bands after listening to Big Black and Judas Priest in the van all day. Science Man II takes shape while flowing seemlessly though a unique blend of punk/hardcore/garage/rock and roll in just under 20 mins.

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