Affet Robot Release Official Video For “Saplantıların Kölesiyim”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Affet Robot*

Eren Günsan’s Istanbul-based darkwave/synthpop music project, Affet Robot, released its first single “Budala” on the 20th of November. 

The second single “Saplantıların Kölesiyim” from the upcoming album “Fiyasko” is now available as well. 

Eren Günsan is the director of the music video of the song, which was mixed and mastered by Orçun Ayata and edited by Rauf Köse. 



Pre-order album link:

“Saplantıların Kölesiyim” Bandcamp:

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“Saplantıların Kölesiyim” Credits:

Production & Arrangement: Eren Günsan

Lyrics & Music: Eren Günsan

Mix & Mastering: Orçun Ayata

Director: Eren Günsan

Video Editing: Rauf Köse 

Label: Independent


Değişmek istedim

I wanted to be changed

Ama çok da direndim

But I resisted too much

Yeniden bulmak için 

To find again 

Kaybettim kendimi

I lost myself

Kötü bir rüya gibi

Like a bad dream

Mahvettim her şeyi

I ruined everything

Şimdiyse elimde kalan

Now what remains

Aptal bir yenilgi

is a stupid defeat

Elbet bir gün döneceğim

I’ll be back one day for sure

Kendi kendimi yeneceğim

I will beat myself

Tutkularımın peşinde

Chasing my passions

Saplantıların kölesiyim

I’m a slave to obsessions

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