Eerie Shores Traverse New Grounds With Single “Emily”


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Cover Art by Aaron Gordon 

Buffalo, New York alternative rock band Eerie Shores has been making waves in the local Buffalo scene since dropping their new acclaimed single “Cover Me.” The band’s latest endeavor enters innovative aural grounds with “Emily”; a stripped-back, raw acoustic single featuring an array of new instrumentation. 

“Emily” traverses a one-sided, give-and-take relationship which ultimately uncovers the strength to walk away into what’s healthy for you. Imagine a narrative divided by a dangerous and unconquerable sea and the calm safety of a sandy beach. Singer Alex Vasiloff explains, “the metaphorical ‘Emily’ has been making mistakes and trying to hang onto what’s she’s causing to fall apart, always asking for a lifeline. I’m attempting to provide hope, strength, and optimism for us, but I no longer have the energy to stay with her because I’m the only one putting in the effort. I like to visualize the song as being separated across a sea. She knows I’d be willing to cross the sea, but the question is, will she do it for me?” 

“Emily” is sold to your deepest emotions with its rich instrumentation. Featuring the typical acoustic guitar and bass, it also includes a slide guitar, synthesizer, violin, piano and mandolin. Eerie Shores wants to show they are capable of exploring new musical grounds, despite being known for explosive and energetic alternative rock and post-hardcore. The band is excited to share such a drastically different new side to their songwriting. 

 “Emily” hit all streaming platforms on Friday, November 20, 2020.

Picture by Karalyn Hope 

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