Teodore Release Animated Video For “Destroy To Create”

Teodore have released an animated video for their latest single “Destroy To Create.”

Teodrore are:

Vocal: Sašo Dudič

Guitar: Matic Rožič

Drums: Matej Šranc

Bass: Alen Štros

“We all suffer and fight with our demons and to each, our demons are the biggest and scariest. Sometimes, the smallest gesture is the biggest help. Never neglect one another.”

The band made this statement:

After the release of our first EP, we felt motivated to create new music. One day, we went out after our practice and we had a few drinks and talked a little. At one point, we started to discuss about how we as a society create “monsters” and we point the fingers at them and label them as bad persons without walking a mile in their shoes and with no hesitation. We knew right there that this will be our theme for the next song!




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