Slovenian Band Teodore Releases First EP ‘We Are You’

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Primustudio*



‘We Are You’ is the first EP by the newly born Slovenian band called Teodore.

The essence of the EP is about mental health and the suicide problem. The EP intertwines a telephone conversation about losing a friend and also illustrates a person’s inner battle with depression and fight with thoughts about suicide. The Bonus song connects both parts and in a narrated way describes events in a person’s life which leads to the end of a man’s existence.

Based on experiences in their lives, Teodore firmly believes their music will touch people who recognize their own ordeals through their songs, as well as help many listeners, who are going through tough times.

“We wish that people would have feelings for our music. Anger, frustration, or anything at all,” said the band in a statement. “But, most importantly, we hope people will feel like they are not alone!”

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