Youth In Revolt And Brightwell Drummer Arvin Sarathy Goes Solo With ‘Alive’

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Arvin Sarathy*

Youth in Revolt and Brightwell Drummer Goes Solo with ‘Alive’ 

Chicago, Illinois (August 2020) – After two years of being off the road, Arvin Sarathy has released a single that speaks to the chaos of the times in ‘Alive.’ Sarathy’s lyrics demonstrate the inner struggle of needing to get out into the world, create and fully embrace life.

‘Alive’ was released with the accompanying music video on Monday, August 17, 2020. ‘Alive’ was recorded in Detroit, Michigan from September 5th to the 10th in 2019. ‘Alive’ is Sarathy’s 1st solo work and masterfully produced by Nick Matzkows, former engineer at The Foundation Recording Studio under Joey Sturgis.

The striking music video shot in a variety of locations in Chicagoland is full of neon effects, dazzling swirling colors in silhouettes and smoky scenes. It was produced by Ritual Noise and directed by Sarathy and Ritual Noise.

‘Alive’ is now available on: Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon & More.

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About Arvin Sarathy: Arvin Sarathy began his journey as a musician when he was 16 as the drummer in local bands in a Chicagoland suburb. He began his professional career at 19 when he was offered a position in ‘For the Fallen Dreams,’ an alternative rock band on Rise Records. From there, his career took off. Sarathy worked as an internationally touring musician for eight years in ‘Brightwell’ and ‘Youth in Revolt’ of Outerloop Records. Today, his newest venture has changed direction entirely. Once a drummer and a band member, he has evolved into a solo artist and a singer/ songwriter debuting his first single, ‘Alive.’ Comparable to pop artists such as The Chainsmokers, Justin Bieber and Halsey, Sarathy blurs the lines between modern pop and electronic music. This is just the beginning of Sarathy’s journey as a solo artist.

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