Grapefruit Sound Lab Release New Single “The Flavors Of Tears”

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Promo cover artGrapefruit Sound Lab
The Flavors of Tears 
Howe Records 
7 August 2020
One of New Jersey’s finest emerging talents, Grapefruit Sound Lab @grapefruitsoundlab have released a diverse selection of solo and collaborative tracks from new album “Eight Days Across America'” (Ltd edition vinyl pre-order available now from Digger’s Factory), the latest being the hypnotic, danceable The Flavors of Tears.” Out now on all platforms.

Stream “The Flavors of Tears”:

Visit the Vinyl Pre-Order hosted by Digger’s Factory:
‘Eight Days Across America’ Vinyl Pre-Order

Written and produced by Robert Cotnoir (BMI)
Lead vocal: Robert Cotnoir
Mixed by Mike Degen at Stimulant Sound, NYC
Mastered by Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road, London
Published by Mr. Manfrenjensendon (BMI). All rights reserved.
Genre(s): Electronic, Adult Alternative

Websites –
Official Website:
Twitter: @Grapefruitlabs
Instagram: @grapefruitsoundlab
YouTube Channel:

Robert Cotnoir (Grapefruit Sound Lab) BIO

With influences ranging from quintessential freestyle, electro and house, to classic rock and back again through the classical repertoire, New York native Robert Cotnoir has seamlessly honed a sound that is at once both comforting and familiar, all while being undoubtedly of the times. His songwriting is pensive, self-referential and philosophical with themes about pleasure-seeking, wandering souls, loss, pride, jealousy, redemption, salvation and the struggle between faith and fact, spirit and mind, good and evil. Riding the success of a distinguished career as one of Hollywood’s top award-winning motion picture music editors, Robert is honored and humbled by his collaboration with Amuka, Sarah Naughton, Gina Volpe and everyone who has contributed their time and talent to this project.  He is looking forward to what the future has in store, especially the release of the full-length Grapefruit Sound Lab album Eight Days Across America on vinyl. 

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