Grapefruit Sound Lab/Gina Volpe Release “Shine (Red House Mix)”

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Promo cover art Gina Volpe & Grapefruit Sound Lab
Shine (Red House Mix)
Howe Records
24 July 2020
New Jersey-based electronic music innovator Grapefruit Sound Lab are releasing a remix of East Village NYC punk rocker Gina Volpe‘s hit single “Shine” originally from her album “Different Animal.” 

“Shine (Red House Mix)”, produced by Barb Morrison (@barb__morrison) is out digitally on July 24, 2020.

“Shine (Red House Mix)” is another exciting collaboration for GSL. Pulsing electro beats combined with Gina Volpe’s super cool vocals make this essential listening for fans of dark, alluring alternative pop.

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More Info:
Location: NYC Metro; Jersey City, NJ USA
Label: Howe Records
Musician Names/Instruments:
Grapefruit Sound Lab:
Robert Cotnoir – writer (except Shine)/ producer/ synth programmer/ lead vocals
Guest Musicians:
Gina Volpe – electric guitar, and lead vocals, Shine (East Village NYC punk rocker of “Lunachicks/ Bantam/ solo” notoriety)
Producer Name(s): Barb Morrison
Genre(s): Electronic, Adult Alternative

Don’t Fall For It held ten weeks and reached #14 on Billboard Dance Club Songs chart and two weeks at #41 on Billboard Electronica Chart

Don’t Fall For It (Joel Dickinson Mirrorball Mix) and Shine (Grapefruit Sound Lab Mix) were featured on CBS TV’s series Tommy starring Edie Falco

Love Cards was featured on CBS TV’s series Instinct starring Alan Cumming

“Dum Dum Gun: Lovely and horrifying” – Jean Randich. Professor of Drama/ Directing, Bennington College

“I spent many hours in the studio with Robert Cotnoir.  Always fun, always ready and professional, but Dum Dum Gun is Robert on a whole new level.  Bravo, Mr. Cotnoir, bravo.” – Mel Zelniker, re-recording mixer, Sound One – NYC.

“At once danceable and listenable, Eight Days Across America is a work of electronic art informed by classic mythology and universal truths, worthy of any medium but especially vinyl. Touch this album as it touches you.”
– Austin Downey, independent journalist and veteran NYC disc jockey

Don’t Fall For It is THAT GOOD.” – Marcus Purnell, veteran Vancouver disc jockey

Official Website:
Twitter: @Grapefruitlabs
Instagram: grapefruitsoundlab
Youtube Channel:
VEVO Youtube Channel

Robert Cotnoir (Grapefruit Sound Lab) BIO

With influences ranging from quintessential freestyle, electro, and house, to classic rock, and back again through the classical repertoire, New York native Robert Cotnoir has seamlessly honed a sound that is at once both comforting and familiar, all while being undoubtedly of the times. His songwriting is pensive, self-referential and philosophical with themes about pleasure seeking, wandering souls, loss, pride, jealousy, redemption, salvation, and the struggle between faith and fact, spirit and mind, good and evil. Riding the success of a distinguished career as one of Hollywood’s top award-winning motion picture music editors, Robert is honored and humbled by his collaboration with Amuka, Sarah Naughton, Gina Volpe, and everyone who has contributed their time and talent to this project.  He is looking forward to what the future has in store, especially the release of the full length Grapefruit Sound Lab album Eight Days Across America on vinyl.

Gina Volpe – BIO (Shine – singer/ songwriter;)
Guitarist, singer, songwriter and visual artist Gina Volpe may be best known from the band she started back in high school, the legendary NYC punk outfit, Lunachicks. But Volpe has firmly established herself as a solo artist since the release of her 2017 debut solo EP, Different Animal which includes her single Shine.  An explosive, and exhilarating collection blending analog and electronic elements into a thoroughly modern sound. Followed up by 2019’s ambitious release of six monthly singles in a project entitled, Winter To Spring, Volpe has upped the ante with each single claiming it’s own story, style and mood that showcases her unmistakably signature sound.

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