Blunda Releases New EP ‘Pulling For You’

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Promo cover art Blunda
Pulling For You
24 July 2020
North Hollywood-based Indie/Alternative musician Blunda used his pandemic time wisely, opting to self-reflect and interact with his former self by unearthing partially finished demos and completing the ones that resonated the most. The result is an introspective new five-track EP entitled “Pulling For You.” 

From the Artist:
“When the pandemic hit, I was just finishing up composing the music for Season 5 of Jay Leno’s Garage. When that ended and my composing work slowed down, I decided it would be a great time to write some new material for my solo project, Blunda. Interestingly, I found it very difficult to write as I watched the world around me fall apart. It seemed pointless and trivial to write music at a time when so many were suffering and daily life had become so fragile. Looking for inspiration, I went back through old hard drives of demos and songs that I had abandoned or just hadn’t gotten around to finishing. Many tracks being over a decade old, I found I could be more objective and play the role of ‘older, wiser producer’ to my more emotional and artistic self.

These five tracks seemed to somehow fit together and were for me a cathartic way of finishing the old in order to make way for something new. In a way, this EP is a bridge to new material that I am currently in the process of writing. It was where things are and let them go in order for new life and ideas to be born.”

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Artist Name:Blunda
Location:North Hollywood, CA
Musician Names/Instruments: Andy Blunda (ALL)
Producer Name(s):Andy Blunda
Similar/RIYL:Mac Demarco, Ariel Pink, The Shins

2.Pulling For You
4.Golden Heart
5.Carry On

Blunda Online:

Artist Biography:
Blunda is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Andy Blunda. A classical pianist at University, Blunda landed a touring gig with the Texas trio Fastball at age 20, where the success of their song “The Way” kept him on the road for two years. Shortly after, he joined Paloalto, who recorded two albums with producer Rick Rubin on his American Recordings label. After years of touring and recording in bands, Blunda made the decision to start recording his own material, which he had been writing off and on for the last decade.

In January of 2014, Andy released his second solo EP titled “Messages,”which gained some attention from music bloggers and fans alike. Aside from a few live shows around LA to promote “Messages,” Blunda has been in his studio most of the year, composing music for television, as well as writing songs for other artists. He has also begun work on a full-length album of his own material, which is expected to be released later next year.

His release “Surrender” (2014) is a song that he wrote after battling his personal demons with addiction in late 2010 when he made the decision to get sober. An intimate and yet universal theme, it reflects on the journey that took him to the edge and the freedom, hope and strength he found in the process of getting through it.

Andy Blunda also released an EP called “Before/After” in 2017 with a band called Essx Station, a duo consisting of Andy and singer/songwriter Mandi Perkins. Andy produced and co-wrote all the tracks as well as sang on the duets.

His latest release under the Blunda name is 5-track EP “Pulling For You,” released digitally 7/24/2020.

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