The Honest Heart Collective Releases New Single “Linework”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By The Honest Heart Collective*

It’s strange watching my circle of friends start to do more grown up things like buying houses, getting married, and having kids. We used to dream together with those friends about being rockstars and driving cool cars. Now, they’re settling down and creating lives that mirror my own parents’ late twenties.
Eventually everyone has to find their own way. Our new single, “Linework,” draws from imagery of constants and change inspired by American traditional tattoos – our band members share a few matching ones.
Linework” is now streaming across platforms.

Linework” is about acceptance and coming to terms with how your relationships change. Try to stay in touch and make time for your friends as best as you can.
Everyone’s busy these days – different schedules, different cities, different everything.
Something as simple as sending a text or setting up a lunch date goes a long way. It might not be just like the old days, but it’s still important.
Thanks so much for listening,

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