Narcissistic Necrosis Release Debut Full-Length ‘The Art Of Deformity’

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Promo cover art Narcissistic Necrosis
The Art of Deformity
28 August 2020

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Genre: Brutal Death Metal/Death Grind

Calgary, Alberta-based Narcissistic Necrosis’ debut full-length album, titled The Art of Deformity, was  released on August 28th.

Spawned in 2014 as a one-person death-grind project by William Bigcrow (DETHGOD, ex-Interitum), Narcissistic Necrosis has eventually evolved as a full-fledge quintet. As of February 2020,  the Calgary-based ensemble now features four members: William Bigcrow on guitars and vocals, Jaden McLean on guitars, Mike Jones on Bass, and Jayden Walker on Drums. Delivering a hammering, metallic sounding guitars, grinding low-end bass, and sonic drum blasts, Narcissistic Necrosis aims to make a lasting impression.

Prior to the project evolving into a full line up, the architect William Bigcrow finished writing and recording all the songs for the upcoming debut album, The Art of Deformity. Conjuring an asphyxiating and ear-splitting presence, the band explores topics such as religious hypocrisy, narcissism, self-improvement, self-destruction, superstitious beliefs and misanthropy throughout the record.


William Bigcrow – All instruments, vocals, and lyrics.

Recorded, Mixed, and Produced by Garrett McElroy at Dead Echo Studios (between June 2019-February 2020).

Mastered by Diego Fernandez at Oracle Studios.

Artwork by Josh Littlelight of Grim Lumina.

Band Logo by Glyford Cabarse of Grind Art.

ORDER: (CD + Digital), Apple, Google Play)


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