Venus Furs Releases Music Video For “Paranoia”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Venus Furs*

I wrote “Paranoia” as an examination of mental health, looking at a bout of anxiety and depression. Dominated by a groovy bass riff and heavily delayed guitars, stream “Paranoia” on SoundCloud or Spotify now.
The accompanying video attempts to capture the associated feelings of isolation and alienation, running after and away from yourself, and the discomfort of being alone whether you’re in a crowd or on your own. Coincidentally, it was filmed just before social distancing was put into effect – a foreshadowing to the isolation we are all currently experiencing. Watch the video for the radio edit of “Paranoia” on YouTube.
For me, anxiety is a combustible nervous energy of caring too much about small details. At the time of shooting, I felt out of place in my home and in the world, roaming the city at night while feeling more and more isolated. We did our last night of shooting just a week before the quarantine began, with all the editing being done while the pandemic unfolded. This brought an entirely new meaning to the word isolation and the experience of anxiety and stress.
– Hart: “Paranoia” director
The intro was captured in the first ever demo of the song, recorded on an iPhone; I started to strum my guitar to discover that my amp was off, turned it on and captured a delayed swell that couldn’t be recreated as perfectly as it was caught that day.

My debut, self-produced Venus Furs LP was released on July 10, 2020 and is available now to order.

Venus FursPaul Kasner

Paranoia” Single Artwork – Sean Mundy

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