The Lightheads Announce “Cold Sheets” Single

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The Lightheads Announce “Cold Sheets” Single

The Lightheads
have returned with a new two-song single (see No Echo premiere)!

“The group write and perform a style of music that many people would probably refer to as some kind of strain of post-punk, but don’t there’s something way more melodic happening in what they do.” No Echo says of the band, adding “The catchy vocal lines and attention to classic pop structure (direct arrangements, infectious choruses, etc.) tell us that guys in The Lightheads clearly understand the power of sharp and concise songwriting.”

The Lightheads, hailing from the damp streets of Portland, Oregon, are an explosion of brilliant, chaotic anthems. In 2016, Luke Slinkert, Mike Vera, and Sean Carter joined forces and delivered their unique blend of garage-produced punk rock to the public’s ears for the first time. In both their 2016 demo and 2017 split EP, the Lightheads have continued to push that sonic assault forward on all fronts. Carter’s crushing cannonry of drum work cuts through Vera’s screaming guitar, which brings Luke’s crunching bass and heartfelt singing to the forefront.

Keeping with tradition, their new single “Cold Sheets” is self-produced and recorded at Vera’s own Brown Sound Studios, with mastering by Scott Goodrich. The title track, “Cold Sheets”, is somewhat of a sonic departure from their frenzied past, and the track offers a great first look at their evolving sound: Vera’s shimmering distorted guitar is reminiscent of all of our 90’s alternative favorites as isolation rings from Luke’s crooning yell as he forces us to consider all of the people missing from our lives. “This is Fine…” kicks us right back to the familiar punk theme The Lightheads do so well, with irresistibly singable choruses and a breakdown that would get the stiffest neck bouncing. Luke, Mike, and Sean have proven to be a mainstay in the Portland punk scene with a future that looks brighter with each album.

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