Jon Stancer Releases Official Music Video For “Chase The Moon”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Jon Stancer*

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Chase The Moon” is the first of my new material to emerge from sessions that were underway before the pandemic struck and shut everything down. It’s also my first release since last year. It’s available anywhere there’s music, including SoundCloud, and you can watch the official music video on YouTube now.
There’s a growing uneasiness and uncertainty that I haven’t really sensed to this extent in my lifetime…
Chase The Moon” was conceived around the time the current President of the United States was tweet-trolling and ridiculing a 16-yr-old climate activist. For me, quite a bit of doomsday-type imagery was conjured from that. I was imagining the end… and the futility of making a run for it.
Dan Kurtz (Dragonette / The New Deal) co-produced and plays bass on the track. He brought in the very talented Sam Willows (Avenue) to mix it, which was done remotely, just as social distancing was beginning.
Hope you’re keeping well and staying safe.
Appreciate you listening,

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