Jessica Vines’ New Album ‘Moving Too Fast’ Out Now

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Moxie Publicity*

Moving Too Fast 

Listen via Spotify here. 

Fargo’s Jessica Vines wraps her way around the listener’s attention. Swinging from soul to jazz to pop, Vines’ distinctive vocals bop their way above the whimsical wind instruments, bubbly bass and relentless riffs in her self-penned debut album Moving Too Fast. Sounding well beyond her 24 years, Vines’ slows things down when it fits the mood and speeds things up at all the right times. Released in early 2020, Moving Too Fast varies from the jazz-funk fused title track to the tantalizing “What They Say” to the jammin’ “Never Again.”

“I grew up listening to many styles of music, including rock, funk, jazz,” Vines, who earned a jazz studies degree at Minnesota State University Moorhead, said. “When I started writing, I wanted the polished sound to be a combination of getting people to dance and taking them to a headspace where they can escape. At first people might feel like I sound like an old soul, and that’s because I have such a strong appreciation for early jazz. I wanted to modernize that sound and share my passion.” | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube 

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