Peter Katz Releases Official Video For “Paper Thin”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Peter Katz*

When I was 18 years old, I moved from Montreal to Toronto to go to university. Before moving into my new apartment in Toronto, I spent a night at this Motel 6 on the side of the highway, about to cross a ‘life threshold,’ starting out in a new city.
Many years later, after sudden and unexpected events in my personal life, I went on a tour that concluded in Montreal. Once again, I found myself driving from Montreal to Toronto about to start my life all over again. I ended up in the same Motel 6, where the time between my visit as an 18 year old and the present felt ‘paper thin.’
Paper Thin” is about restarting and that strength that we find in ourselves during our hardest moments. Through catharsis and release, we are able to heal and a new sense of self emerges.
I want “Paper Thin” to transcend my story and be about what you are going through.
Thank you for listening.

Photo Credit: Justin Broadbent
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