Eamon McGrath Releases New Single “Yellow Sticker”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Eamon McGrath*

Stream “Yellow Sticker,” the new single off of my album, The Long Hard Road,

 on Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud now.

The Long Hard Road continues in 2020. My new offering follows last year’s Guts—and Tantramar, the 2018 precursor—where “Yellow Sticker On An Empty Fridge” first appeared.

Photo Credit: Danny Miles

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The song is about clandestine evil. “Yellow Sticker” describes situations which are otherwise innocent and harmless to the naked eye, but when explored further can be the sites and locations of unspeakable acts. Something as innocuous, unnoticeable and unassuming as a post-it note on an empty refrigerator in a college dormitory can be a symbol or tool for something infinitely darker than how it initially appears.

Whereas Guts was a full-band, sonically diverse record with an array of different kinds of instrumentation, The Long Hard Road is more tender, quieter, and acoustic-oriented. All the members of my touring band (Darrek Anderson on pedal steel, Connor Ellinger on drums, Tavo Diez de Bonilla on bass) are featured performers on every track.

There is a timelessness and a hopefulness to acoustic music that transcends—I hope my music brings you a sense of solace. 

Eamon McGrath


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