Treasure Releases New EP ‘Suffocation & Air’

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Born in North West London, Treasure’s family relocated to the Countryside in the early 2000’s trading the busy city life for the suburban serenity, a feeling present throughout his catalogue. Inspired by the likes of Frank Ocean, Choker, HOMESHAKE, The Internet and D’Angelo, his laidback production and genre-merging tendencies provide a nostalgia based backdrop for his lush soulful harmonies. Treasure wears his emotions on his sleeve. He transverses his musical world with this heightened sense of vulnerability, creating a space where he and the listener can rest at ease with no fear of judgement.

Following the success of his debut self-titled album, Treasure is unveiling a nine-track EP entitled Suffocation & Air. The anticipated release oozes with a hypnagogic pop vibe, delivering lethargic yet funky synthscapes with 80’s tinged falsetto vocal arrangements. The EP narrates Treasure’s own life experiences, focusing on self-acceptance and love in all forms. The songwriter shares, “I’ve always struggled to fit in and can’t find my place in this industry or world even, but I’m okay with that. Music is my way of protesting my unapologetic individuality.” Suffocation & Air is Treasure’s own unique take on indie rock, peppered with jazz-tinged vibrations. As an exploration of opposites the EP emanates dark, moody tones, with an intimate ethereal sound.

Leading single “You & I” details the struggle of expressing emotions and the musician’s fear of leaving the house after going through a traumatic assault. The song depicts the process of feeling free after a long period of emotional imprisonment. Featuring haunting vocals, minimalistic melodies and textured harmonies the song is reminiscent of a dream like state, floating between worlds. Then there is “More” – a track which speaks for itself. We live in a material world where we are always craving more. Treasure confides, “I’ve come from a working class family so when I started earning all I could think of was spending money on material goods because that’s what everyone else was doing. Little did I know that no amount of material could fill the void.” “More” showcases funk-fuelled basslines, donning a guitar-driven backdrop, taking listeners on an emotionally fuelled, downtempo journey. With cascading vocals and twinkling synths, “Where have you been?” chronicles the journey of finding one’s self.

Treasure has seen success with his previous releases garnering extensive playlisting from the likes of Spotify official playlists, COLORS, Apple Music and Starbucks. Suffocation & Air is currently available worldwide.

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