Tartarus Records Announces Tithe LP ‘Penance’ And Unveils First Single “Palindrome”

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Tartarus Records Announces Tithe LP and Unveils First Single

Tartarus Records has announced the debut LP from Tithe called Penance and unveiled the first single (see Metal Sucks premiere).

Emerging from the rain-soaked grey of Portland, Oregon, Tithe is leaving its mark of pummeling auditory exploration. Drawing influence from all over the musical spectrum, Tithe offers a truly unique blend of death, grind, and sludge metal. The trio comes together with their debut full-length album Penance to explore the psychedelic experience and the depravity of human nature.  Featuring Matt Eiseman on guitar, Alex Huddleston on bass and Kevin Swartz on drums, Tithe is a force to be reckoned with on the metal circuit and shows no signs of holding back.

“Palindrome,” from their upcoming album Penance, alternates between sounding agitated and hallucinatory” says Metal Sucks of the new single, adding “but whether it’s going fast or taking it slow, the music always feels as though it’s actively straining to reach out through the speakers, engulf you, and transport you somewhere you’re rightfully afraid to go. Go ahead, scream and beg for mercy all you like — no one is coming to save you.”

Penance was Recorded and Mixed by Fester at Haywire Recording Studios and will be released on May 15th via Tartarus Records with cover art by Jef Whitehead.

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