BORZA Releases Official Video For “Guérir les hommes”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By BORZA*

When my daughter, Charlotte, came up with the visuals for “Guérir les Hommes,” I never thought the concept would be so relevant to what would be happening today with this virus and the self-isolation the whole world is going through.
People are feeling more and more alone with time.
It’s important to not forget that we can be there for one another.
You can watch the official “Guérir les hommes(feat. Amélie P Bédard) on YouTube now.
Listen to “Guérir les hommes(feat. Amélie P Bédard) on Spotify or SoundCloud.
The inspiration comes from the cover of the single. It’s a photograph of the two actors who are beekeepers in their daily life, taking care of their bees together. The action of the photograph suited well with the title of the song, “Guérir les hommes,” since bees are fundamental for our existence.
It was interesting to develop this idea into moving-image.
This song talks about healing, being there for one another; trusting ourselves to think with our hearts.
We wanted to make a video that reflects the idea of wanting to feel close to people.
It’s important to not forget that we can be there for one another, and that this will be over at one point.

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