Samuel Jack Releases New Album ‘Empty Pockets, Crowded Heart Vol. 1’

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London born Samuel Jack brings a fresh and distinct sound through his passionate, storytelling lyrics and velvet vocals, resulting in a completely compelling delivery. Growing up in Johannesburg with his film director Father, Jack spent much of his time soaking in the vibrant tones of Blues, Motown, soul and roots music, which to this date play a big role in his songwriting. Combining the music of his childhood, with his new love for hip hop and pop, the soulful artist has established his own unique style which has been piquing the interest of listeners across the globe. 

Jack has now unveiled his highly anticipated debut album, ‘Empty Pockets, Crowded Heart Vol.1.’ A collection of tracks narrating the emotions and feelings of the singer’s journey thus far. “What I’ve learnt, what I’ve seen, what I’ve felt – the adventure, the romance, the loss, the heartbreak. The honesty. Putting this record out into the world means everything to me, without being melodramatic this isn’t just a bunch of songs – to me it’s so much more than that.” confides Jack. Sonically, the release is a beautiful reflection of his personality, representing his diversity of musical influences, from old school soul, to hip hop and blues. 

The five-track release begins with “Trouble.” The big, vivacious track talks about those moments when you feel like things couldn’t get any worse, and then of course they do. Rambunctious guitars, marching percussion and fierce vocals deliver a relentless and passionate release. “Let You Go” sings about a broken relationship and the desire you have to sit down and talk it out when your significant other doesn’t necessarily agree. Jack shares, “Sonically I wanted to inject a conversational tone through the verse, taking from my love for hip hop as influence.” Single “Gonna Be Alright” is a celebration of recovery – a song that stands as a reminder that we have to keep telling ourselves we can overcome anything and that all is going to be alright. Featuring potent lyricism, swirling synth soundscapes and powerful vocals, the track gradually builds into a huge, anthemic chorus, making you want to hit repeat. Then there is “Closer”- a song about the reality of a situation that you so desperately want to work, when the truth is it was never going to. Jack explains, “It’s an ode to the slow jams I used to listen to by those soul greats I’ve so often been inspired by, but with a contemporary twist. That was the idea anyway.” Completing the album is a good old-fashioned love song, “Real Love.” Marrying a gospel-esque feel alongside a story lead narrative, the song emits truly sincere and heartfelt emotions. 

Samuel Jack’s career has found him performing at some of the world’s biggest festivals, landing multiple TV placements on adverts and shows such as Levi’s, Shameless and Nashville, as well as garnering acclaim from significant outlets including the likes of American Songwriter, Clash, Music Week, Live Nation’s Ones To Watch and the BBC. ‘Empty Pockets, Crowded Heart Vol.1’ is out now.



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