Dana Gavanski Drops New LP ‘Yesterday Is Gone’

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Auteur Research*

Dana Gavanski has dropped her new album!

Listen to the LP “Yesterday Is Gone” on your favorite streaming service!

You can also find it on Bandcamp here: https://danagavanskifth.bandcamp.com/album/yesterday-is-gone

And if you missed it, watch Dana’s video for the album’s title track “Yesterday Is Gone” filmed in the colorful and retro underground of Montreal’s metro system – https://youtu.be/8xM8SJrxYeI

In the midst of the world’s lockdown, we are all forced to refocus after our daily lives have in many ways been put on hold. Many artists have had to change their plans around their album releases, from the buzz of touring, to now having to stay at home in isolation. Thankfully, we live in a digital age where we are able to stay connected and continue to share the beautiful music that these artists work tirelessly to create for our enjoyment.

The Serbian-Canadian musician Dana Gavanski is celebrating her debut album, Yesterday Is Gone. Fans in Canada can order copies of the record on classic black vinyl from the Flemish Eye shop while we wait for our local record stores to reopen.

Find bio, photos and more info here: http://auteurresearch.com/artists/dana-gavanski/

Thanks for taking the time to listen!
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