Scott Goodwin Releases Official Music Video For “Dirty”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Scott Goodwin*

My new track, “Dirty,” with you, taken from my forthcoming album, Valentine (to be released April 24th), was inspired by a flirty night out, this song is about getting screwed over but having fun in the process. It’s a fun and goofy take on falling in and out of love – a lighthearted view of getting dumped.
🎔 Watch the video for “Dirty” on YouTube or via Live In Limbo

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Valentine LP Artwork by Dom Lisi, Photo by Ann Sommers
I self-produced “Dirty,” as well as the entirety of Valentine, mixing and recording an entire project by myself for the first time. This was a learning process that allowed me to experiment with different genres through writing concise songs. Valentine tells the story of a lonely lover boy and through doing so provides an inside look at everything I like to create.
I wanted to give someone else complete creative control of the visual aspect after I created all of the album by myself. The music video for “Dirty” is Stephen Trivieri’s insane vision of chaos inspired by being done dirty.
I am excited to take you further into my world and share the variety of genres that make up this record.
Thank you for listening,
Scott Goodwin

Dirty” music video cast & crew – Photo Credit: Andrew Gook

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