Insolace Releases New Single “Not Alright”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Stencil PR*

After two successful releases, Insolace return to drop their third eagerly anticipated single within six months. 

Titled ‘Not Alright,’ the song highlights the continuous cycle of societal expectations people carry out day to day such as working the 9-5, only adding to the need of wanting new experiences and excitement in life. A quote from vocalist Millie Cook, “The lyrics convey how behind closed doors, a life that may seem perfect to many, is actually far from perfect for the person living it, and that from whatever background a person may be from, it’s okay not to be alright.” 

Packing a punch from start to finish, the track’s dynamics accompany Millie’s melodies perfectly, and is guaranteed to encapsulate listeners not just from its musicianship, but it’s relatable lyrical content, too. 


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