Tunnel Releases New Single “Walking The Vine”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Tunnel*


Our new single, “Walking The Vine,” which appears on our album, which was released April 10th, was written with a sense of optimism in mind, yet it also captures the darkness that comes with our own personal struggles. The song is about dealing with people that come and go in your life, and how that can unconsciously drain you.

Our band member Kevin accidentally triggered the synth loop heard at the beginning of the song and began to drum on top of it, which led to the track’s birth. It became clear to us that a voice was needed, and so “Walking The Vine” became Kevin’s vocal debut.

This song is about the juxtaposition of a heavy relationship with the hope and learning that such an experience can teach you. Through realizing that a relationship has its limits, you are able to move forward with those boundaries in mind.

Our first full-length album, Out For A While, is a solid documentation of the growth and expansion of our music into more song-form compositions, without losing sight of an experimental approach. We are excited to share more of it with you in the coming weeks.

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