Answering Machine (Brooklyn, NY) Release New Single “Cherry Coke”; ‘Bad Luck’ LP Out April 17

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Answering Machine (Brooklyn, NY) Releasing ‘Bad Luck’ LP On April 17; Check Out The New Single “Cherry Coke”

“Cherry Coke” is a sugary-sweet love song you’ll be humming all day.”- New Noise Magazine

“With aggressive, Tommy Stinson-esque bass, choruses that veer between country and punk, and verses brimming with youthful energy, Answering Machine promises that blistering rock is alive, well and in good hands.”- PopMatters

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“Cherry Coke” on Youtube:

“Cherry Coke” on Spotify:

“‘Cherry Coke’ is a love song about fever dreams, bloody noses, and candy canes. “It’s for all the old folks who want to settle down but still have some fun. This one’s inspired by a love of Buddy Holly, 60s pop music, and The Ramones.”- J.D. Fetcho, (vocalist and guitarist)

“Bad Luck” video:

“Bad Luck” on Spotify:

Answering Machine is a Rock & Roll band out of Brooklyn, NY. Their influences range everywhere from The Replacements, The Ramones, Blondie, The Ronettes, Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks, and Bruce Springsteen to Jenny Lewis, Against Me, and plenty in between.

Samantha (vocals) and JD (guitar/vocals), two public school teachers in Brooklyn, started the band back in 2016. Close friends quickly filled the gaps with Jackson on guitar, Louis on drums, and Craig on bass. Craig and Louis played in a few popular local Brooklyn bands (Cold Wrecks, Ellen and The Degenerates). Jackson has been playing in bands with JD since childhood.

The band released their first (self-titled) EP right away in 2017, a second (Color TV) in 2018, and put out their new single “Bad Luck” in 2019. They’ve played at FEST down in Gainesville for the past two years, Pouzza in Montreal this past year, and are regulars throughout the venues in New York.

Answering Machine recently recorded their debut LP, also titled “Bad Luck”. Writing and recording this album allowed their influences to blend and the band to find the sound they’ve been developing over the past few years. “Bad Luck” will be released April 17 on Wiretap Records.


Answering Machine is:

Samantha – Vocals,

JD – Guitar & Vocals,

Jackson – Guitar,

Craig – Bass,

Louis – Drums


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