Brielle Ansems Releases New Single “Fade”; New Album ‘This New Hurricane’ Out Now

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Brielle Ansems*

My new album – This New Hurricane – is available now, and I couldn’t be prouder. Follow the link to enjoy on your favourite streaming service:

You can hear the LP’s newest single/opening number, “Fade,” on Spotify as well.

This New Hurricane is about recognizing what’s broken and acknowledging the desire for something better – even if you don’t always feel like you deserve it. Sometimes relationships can feel like one storm after another. You can either learn to find something steady in yourself, or you can let it break you. I, for one, am tired of breaking.

I couldn’t have dreamed of a better producer than Adam Gallant at The Hill Sound Studio. As my first experience in a professional studio, it was terrifying in the beginning; the more I worked with Adam, however, the more at ease I felt knowing he was at the helm. He cared deeply about the project, and I continue to count my lucky stars that I was able to work with someone whose creative instincts and personal approach to the work aligned so perfectly with my own.
Getting the chance to work alongside and entrust such an incredible team of artists whom I’ve admired for years, with my music was an absolute gift.
Thank you very much for your time! Hope you like what you hear.

Brielle Ansems

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