Grace Gillespie Releases First Single Of 2020 – “Goodbye”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Grace Gillespie* 


Goodbye” is a song about relinquishing music and giving up the dream, written at a time of much uncertainty and worry about what would become of my songs. Its lyrics mark the realization that it will never really be all over. The music wants to be alive and free.

I might be getting older and the music business is becoming a harder and harder nut to crack, but the music will keep coming regardless. It doesn’t give a shit about age, statistics, or the business. 

Goodbye” marks the start of my collaboration with engineer and producer Oliver Baldwin, who has left my vocals raw and exposed to suit the vulnerable nature of this song.

I always contemplate giving up music because it’s a huge and complex commitment. It is draining, financially, emotionally and therefore physically. Thankfully I am not very sensible and surprisingly resilient.

Thank you for taking the time to hear this song, and thank you to Atwood Magazine for the official premiere:

Grace Gillespie

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