Don Canyon Releases Official Music Video For “Don’t Lie” Feat. Joakem

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Angels PR*

We present you Don Canyon and the new single Don’t Lie.” 

The song refers to a girl and was inspired by the band’s intention of showing how hard it is to deal with the contradiction of willing to chase your dream: becoming an established and successful artist, while a girl comes in your life, loving her as much as your passion for music, when suddenly she passes away and you are left all alone, in full desperation and depression.

The song though, has a positive message in the end where the Artist is challenged to stand up on his feet again and reunite with the only thing has left: his band, his family, his music.

Don Canyon’s “Don’t Lie” in collaboration with Joakem, is a rock song with metal influences. The lyrics were written by Don Canyon and Joakem, and music by Don Canyon with music producer and composer Chris Cara. Produced by Chris Cara and Don Canyon. The recording was done at Soundscape Studios and Master was performed by Alex Psaroudakis in NYC Mastering, USA. The Don Canyon video clip was directed by Don Canyon and Elinett Gudman, who filmed and edited the video clip starring the four participants: Don Canyon and Joakem. A video with a Rock Star style and energy

DON CANYON was formed in Cyprus in 2018. They released a Rock version of soundtrack of well-known movie “Requiem For A Dream” and the instrumental single titled “Palladio.” 

Immediately after “Palladio,” the band released their debut single, an Anti-bullying song called “DYNASTY” featuring award winning vocalist Chandler Mogel from the band “Outloud.” 

The band’s intention is to spread awareness of the many social issues that our world currently faces, including sensitive topics such as bullying, depression and suicide actions.


Lyrics by Don Canyon & Joakem

Music by Don Canyon & Chris Cara

Produced by Chris Cara & Don Canyon

Recorded and mixed by Chris Cara at Soundscape Studios, CY

Mastered by Alex Psaroudakis at NYC Mastering, USA


Music Video director and editor: Elinett Gudman

Drone Operator: Cyprus Petrakkidis (Petadrones)



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